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Ps4 Exotic Sword

I am grinding on my Arc sword and have 2 more elements to find, then I am off to kill 500 enemies with my super. Thought the best way is to find other guardians and go to skywatch and trade orbs for a few hours. I will just be running with my hunter so I know where the helium is, but if you join me ya gotta keep up. I didn't keep track for the first 3 special elements but so far this is how many I opened: 3rd one - 41 4th one - 9 5th one - 40 6th one - 42 7th one - 24 It is a grind... If you need help with getting your exotic sword post here. :) **Also don't forget to use your glimmer on ? (I bought heavy ammo for my sanction) because you get glimmer for every pickup. You will max out quick!

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