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9/18/2015 2:13:46 AM

Are You Playing Town of Salem?

[url=]Town of Salem[/url] is an online party game akin to the likes of [i]Mafia[/i] or [i]Werewolf[/i]. Officer Nasty showed me this almost a year ago, and I figured I'd do the same with you guys. The game is free to play, but it's been recently added to Steam for $5 (it removes the ads, shortens load times and gives you 1300 in game currency, essentially what you pay for in the bundle). It may still be on sale ($3.34), I'm not sure, regardless you should check it out. Maybe we could organize some community game nights, hmm? One last thing, with a recent update, there is an in-game referral system when creating an account that rewards others for telling you about it, 100 town points a piece. So if you would, when signing up, put: [b][u]TuckersBaby[/u][/b] in the referral box. So have at it, lie and lynch your way to victory.

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