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You know you're a parent when...

Here's a chance for those people with kids to vent and explain how parenthood has changed you for the best of course. I am a mom of a beautiful 2 and a half year old boy. ^_^ ♡ Picture above: The peaceful, quiet, and blissful moments are far few in between. Cherish them while you can. I like capturing these moments with my son. You know you're a parent when... - You clap and celebrate when someone potties or takes a shit. (son potty training at the moment) -You have to turn your mic off during party chat and during gaming because your kid is squealing to where your ears bleed, you want to save everyone else's ears. -other kids tantrum screams makes you cringe. It's all too familiar to you. -Nothing is nasty to you no more. You've dealt with vomit, pee on your face, and poop. Need I say more? -You find several hot wheels in your purse when you reach in there for your keys or chunk change. -Your pain tolerance has gone up from getting kicked,stepping on hot wheels and getting body slammed. - you dream of sleeping in but you wake up and it was just a dream. - Your Friday nights consist of doing the MC Hammer dance and any other dance till your kid falls asleep. Yep that's the new club hopping for you, haha. -You eat your kids cereal from time to time, yay fruit loops! -As a working mom you wonder how can a stay at home mom do crafts all day. That's just me anyways. -You wonder about getting a short mom haircut and know now it's vital (for me, never!) Though I still wonder about it but than I see my mom's face. Ahh! -you pat yourself on the back for keeping your kid alive thus far! (I'm at the toddler stage right now) - a Shot of henny and a bottle of Mikes hard lemonade is now your kryptonite. Your party days are over. -Your phone is the savior for your child before that tantrum hits at the grocery store. Thank goodness for technology! ^_^ - -blam!- you pinterest! I can't help but browse you! - You finally get to game for more than an hour! You pinch yourself to check if you're dreaming. Let's here yours. For those with no kids and you didn't like what you read. Don't forget to wrap your willy!

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