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Lots of questions with few answers..featuring loads of promises from Bungie

So Bungie, $60 later (after already spending $100) and I'm wondering what's changed in Destiny besides the new content. Don't get me wrong, there's lots to do so thanks for that. It would have been nice to have all these things to do in the first year but Destiny.5 was a fun beta right? Anyways, lots of elements of gameplay were and are broken and we were promised a lot of fixes. So...where are they? Supposedly once you have had an exotic item drop you're less likely to see it later right? Nope. Out of my 25ish exotic engrams something like 9 have been Hawkmoons. 3 have been Montecarlos, 4 have been Supercells, and the rest have been copies of the Crest of Alpha Lupi. So...fixed right? #nailedit Why is "resume sprint" still broken? It's 13 months later. When I click the stick to sprint, just let me sprint even if *GASP* I was just recently sprinting. This won't break the game or cause WW3. Just fix it. I have absolutely zero doubt that the four XB1 controllers that I've gone through are because of trying to mash the stick to sprint in emergency situations. I don't throw my controllers or mistreat them but every single left stick on 4 controllers have weakened and broken because of Destiny. There's another $120 in Destiny related expenditures. Post TTK trying to tackle quests/bounties solo in PvP is still a miserable experience. For one, bounties that require fireteams are just stupid. I guess most solo gamers just avoid those like we did the "buckshot bruiser" or "dead man's hand" bounties. The matchmaking experience was supposed to be improved and yet virtually every match I enter has long since begun. I've entered countless games that were less than 30 seconds from ending. What's even more fun is to enter a game that will shortly be decided by the mercy rule. Why even match new guardians into these slaughterfests? It's insulting. Even if I decide to stay in that match after its merciful end most of the time the teams are "broken up to find a better match." And do you know which match that is most of the time? Another one that has already begun! The answer for solo gamers in Crucible isn't "Play rumble." (especially since Rumble isn't immune from this crap) Bungie, what happened to improved connection in PvP? Seriously, what's upsetting is not that it's not better (as was promised) since TTK came out, it's actually significantly worse. The overwhelming majority of matches have major connection issues. The winning team almost always has one player (or more) with a consistent red bar the entire match. Hit detection has gone downhill in a bad way. Guardians shift across the map abruptly as the connection lags to keep up. Why is there no accountability for this at Bungie? Weren't there promises of quarantining gamers with consistently bad connections (and/or frequently leave matches)? Why don't we pair them all against each other to duke out that sh*tstorm. Why should the rest of us suffer a horrible user experience because of select few? What is the trick to getting the heavy ammo in Crucible if you're not right at the box? Because sometimes I'm 10 feet away looking at it when the team grabs it and nothing drops for me. Sometimes I'm in a building above the heavy and don't even notice that it drops something for me because I'm so far away. The inconsistency is unnecessary; just make it uniform. If you're within X distance, you get the heavy! Also, if you spawn right next to your team getting heavy and you're .2 seconds late, just make it available, geez! What is the story with bringing up a newly loaded weapon ADS and when you pull the trigger nothing happens? I have found this most often with heavy machine guns but has become much more common with shotguns and other weapons lately. I could understand if I was a little too hasty and pulled the trigger before the weapon was technically ready to fire that for a moment I might see nothing. But if I'm a hair too early on a heavy machine gun and I'm holding the trigger down for several seconds after what do you say we just fix it so the weapon fires properly when it is good and ready? I shouldn't have to let go of the trigger, and then re-pull it to get a round off. That is absolute foolishness. Rift is a fun game, by the way! What isn't fun about it is that when you enter a game (that is undoubtedly already underway) the other team will surely have left a guy in the back of our own base to spawn-camp the noobs! And since the spawns are so embarrassingly bad the only options are to be spawned in the base and immediately shot in the back or spawned 184 miles away with no chance of contributing in the action. Flip the spawns, make the end base random, or something else... but fix this. You know what also sucks about entering a game late? The other team all has supers and heavy ammo stored up. It's not overly fair to enter a game where you're already behind in points and now have to wait significantly longer to generate a super (and therefore gain some momentum). Why not give guardians some pro-rated super charge when putting us into game that has already started? That might help even the score when Bungie does nothing to hinder, prevent, or punish gamers who leave early. If gamers back out early from PvP, punish them for Pete's sake! Here are some suggestions free of charge: Reduce their crucible gains/rep, physically slow them down for the next match they're in, give them a temporary clown head to shame them so that everyone knows they backed out early, require strange coins to back out early, prompt them with "you suck for backing out early"... Clearly the current strategy (what strategy!?) isn't working so why don't you try out some punitive responses to the select few who make this game worse for the rest of us? Try it! Just do it! Why are spawns in PvP still so atrocious? Why is it even possible to have a match where 5 spawns in a row I'm immediately killed? Why are there still active spawns right now where snipers can watch them and just pick off guardians as they spawn? It's unreal that this is still an issue after 13 months. Rumble matches are absolutely the worst in terms of bad spawns. I do well in Rumble and feel bad when I'm watching an area and just happen to see someone appear there to be instantly killed. If Bungie can't reliably fix this for Rumble then make it 5 players instead of 6. My point something. In PvP, why are there any spawn points that are close enough to a hole/cliff where walking backwards immediately upon spawning drops you off an edge and to your death? You might be wondering, "why would anyone walk backwards immediately after they spawn?" The obvious answer is because the bad spawn rate is so bad that many of us are conditioned to back up and take stock of your surroundings. Just in case of those instances when you literally spawn 2 feet from a member of the other team and get slaughtered. So, it's cute that Bungie thought it was clever to design so many open holes in the PvP maps but do us a favor and don't spawn us anywhere near the edges. Why are guardians still able to push and move each other around in the Destiny world? I've been pushed off cliffs and ledges on many occasions by someone who wasn't even on my fireteam only to die and be reset for no reason. There are 214781 frustrating things that can pop up in the gaming session so, again, why let a select few ruin the experience for the rest of us? The XB1 and PS4 controllers have so many buttons but did Bungie forget about all but X during development? Why is every major action done with the X button? Surely every Destiny player has jumped on a sparrow instead of grabbing a patrol mission. Or accidentally grabbed a special ammo instead of reviving a nearby player. Here are the action that fall to X: talk to someone, grab a patrol, dismantle, get ammo, revive someone, get on sparrow, get off sparrow, pick up items, open doors, summon sparrow, grab the relic...the list is forever long. B, Y, A, RB, RT, LB, LT all have around 2 or less in-game functions. If I'm trying to revive a player who happens to be near a relic, or special ammo box, or someone else I shouldn't have to deal with the glitches of the X button that isn't sure what to do because it has so many jobs. Was there 1 guy at Bungie who did 87% of the work on the game who wanted the X button to represent his contribution or something? Otherwise why does this make sense? So, ~$250 into the experience and I'm wondering where the support is?

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