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10/7/2015 4:02:09 PM

Join the Order of Praedyth

Brand new clan! The Order of Praedyth will be a source to form fireteams for raids, quests, daily heroic story missions, etc., with an emphasis on PvE, story, and lore over PvP (PvP will still be an option, just not a focus). Open to all guardians with a drive to be the best, but also a relaxed, non-sweaty, chill, and fun-loving attitude. If that sounds like you, you'll fit right in. The Order of Praedyth seeks to uphold the legacy of Praedyth, the legendary warlock who raided the Vault of Glass as part of Kabr's fireteam. We will do this through strength in combat, honor in the tower, and our undying effort to rescue Praedyth from the Vex timestream and destroy the Vex once and for all.

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