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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
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The hunt continues! So speculation about today's missions, first complete the First Firewall to retrieve the curious transceiver, then you must enter in a set of codes that I have linked to. After this is complete you will need to do the Shadow Call mission, ascend the spire, open the chest and kill all 3 wizards to obtain the Ikelos fusion core. Steps to repair fusion core: 1. dismantle a legendary or higher heavy weapon (year ones will work) 2. Complete The Archive mission on (any modifier, I tried heroic to be safe) venus 3. Complete a Warsat public even on Earth 4. Complete a Warsat public even on the Moon 5. Complete a Warsat public event on Mars. Once that is done you can repair the fusion core, and take it to Banshee-44 in the tower. So far that's all I've done and it seems to be at a dead end, post your thoughts and any new information in the comments. Speculation is that there is a fifth random legendary drop to turn into the gunsmith, if anyone is to recieve this AND the next step, please let us know. *UPDATE* THE FINAL STEP you'll receive a notification for the gunsmith, who will give you the next quest. The quest is a S.A.B.E.R. 2 strike on 280 light with the epic modifier (it is matchmaking). Once beaten, you will receive the sleeper simulant frame. Now here's the hard part, you must beat the Heroic King's Fall Raid 10 times before the next step is given. GOTCHA! Just kidding, go turn it into the gunsmith for the Sleeper Simulant. Congrats! You now have the most powerful weapon in the game!

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