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Guardians, Ways to Counter Hammer of Sol!

For Hunters (Warlocks and Titans also!) who don't know how to counter this tank of a mobile Super, here's some ways! Feel free to leave your tips for other Hunters in the comments, along with ways Warlocks and Titans can counter it! Instead of complaining, let's look for a way to compete with it! [b][u]Gunslinger:[/u][/b] Just because you can't 1-shot with Golden Gun, doesn't mean Golden Gun is useless! [b]Option 1:[/b] Use Celestial Nighthawk if you're really concerned about countering. Make sure not to rush while using it, you want to make sure you hit your shot, and not die while using it. I suggest activating it when you here the HoS, and waiting around the cornee to shut them down. [b]Option 2:[/b] Fire 2 shots. If 1 shot doesn't kill them, shoot another one! It's 1 less kill you can get, but it takes out the HoS, and saves your teammates! [b][u]Nightstalker:[/u][/b] Remember, this Super is meant to supress their Super [i]NOT[/i] to kill them! [b]Option 1:[/b] Make sure to shoot your Shadowshot in front of them, not at them. Directly hitting them will most likely nit result in them staying there long enough to get tethered. Use corners to your advantage, and make sure to fire your Shadowshot near their pathway. [b]Option 2:[/b] QUIVER! For people who really want to try to kill them, Quiver can do the job. If you spread your shots out, your most likely going to get hammered, so try to concentrate your shots within a short time period. Even firing all 3 arrows with quick succession can get you killed fast. [b][u]Bladedancer:[/u][/b] This is similar to HoS, but Arc Blade lacks Range, unlike HoS. [b]Option 1:[/b] Blink! Using Blink and Arc Blade can result in a fast counter! Using Blink to get closer can dodge these hammers if timed correctly. Using Blink can also cause the Sunbreaker's attention to waver, since you're everywhere! [b]Option 2:[/b] Razor's Edge can do some work! Arc Blade lacks the Range that HoS has, but Razor's Edge can add some range. Timing these attacks can cause the Sunbreaker to die very fast, but you might need some assistance. Remember, if you have any tips, comment! Let's help the community welcome this new Titan countering it :D. Edit 1: Also, if you can't compete, RUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!

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