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10/4/2015 4:45:23 AM

So, about the fact that VoG hasn't been totally completed yet...

Bungie, At this point in time, any and all loot from the year-one raids are entirely irrelevant. Players have next to no real incentive to go back into the Vault of Glass except for a fun time killing Atheon just for sh#ts and giggles. However, I believe that it's extremely strange that we, as a community, have moved past this raid without completing it. If you're not going to hint at where or what the undiscovered portion of the VoG is, could you at least hype up said portion by implementing a chance for legendary/sublime/exotic drops equivocal to the year two gear players will be using in order to, once again, ignite the curiosity of the community to once and for all defeat the vault?

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