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10/4/2015 3:20:26 AM

Ahamkara Hunt

As you may have heard or seen, there are still Ahamkara that roam the vastness of our system and with your help I hope to better understand their purpose and intent: The Tower, Earth - Dragon of Twilight Gap = Stands gaurd over the breach that could have ended us then and there. Cosmodrome, Earth - Blitz Runner = Venus - GateLord's Dragon = it circles about, waiting for someone to aproach a massive den. Moon - Moon Creeper Meridian Bay, Mars - Sand Crawler Lighthouse, Mercury - Dawn Breaker beast These are all reported, but not all have been confirmed, perhaps you can help to solve this question posed. There is also another to be found, but not even wispered, for if a Taken Dragon were to roam the Dreadnaught we would face an even greater threat from Oryx then previous suspected.
#hunt #ahamkara

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