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Изменено (Beetfarmer89): 10/3/2015 1:24:32 PM

Crucible Quitters

Something needs to be done to fix this ever increasing problem. I played several crucible matches yesterday, and not a single one didn't have a player quit one of the two teams. It's rampant in Destiny. I don't know why there is SO MUCH quitting, but I feel like it's getting worse. Vanguard Strikes have an incentive to keep players in the Strike until the end. Where's the Crucible equivalent incentive? Why isn't there a Crucible Tempered buff that increases your chance of rewards dropping for sticking with multiple matches and not quitting? Start charging a fee to quit before the match ends. 2500 Glimmer or 30 Legendary Marks. 50 Planetary Materials. 50 Weapon parts or Armor materials. It needs to stop. I think a quitting ban needs to be implemented as well. Quit 1 match in a day - 5 min ban. Quit 2 matches in a day - 1 Hr ban. Quit 3 matches in a day - Banned until the daily reset. Also, MM needs to better balance teams. If we start 6V6 and two people quit from one team. A player from the other team should immediately be moved to balance the game. Often you end up playing the entire match without getting another person or two. Or people join, see your behind, and quit.

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