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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Dizz): 9/30/2015 8:55:11 PM

New Idea for an Exotic.

I played halo 3 on my cousins Xbox when we used to live near them. Exotic Hand Cannon or Sidearm: The Classic. Looks like a Halo 3 Magnum, ADS is the same as in Halo Stats: Rate Of Fire: 30 Impact: 75 Range: 35 Stability: 30 Reload: 45 Magazine: 12 Perks: Final Round Extended Mags,Single Point Sling, Snapshot. Exotic Perk- The Classic: Range is significantly increased while aiming down sights. Precision Kills while Aiming Down Sights make the next Shot have increased Precision Damage. (Not enough of an increase to one shot.) Any suggestions on stat changes or Perk improvements?

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