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Изменено (Njim1): 12/10/2015 6:40:30 PM

Year 1's best PvP special weapon was Felwinter's Lie. Year 2? Here's everything you need to know about The Vortex.

Watch the vid! This gun got [b]2 kills with 1 shot[/b] multiple times in a couple games! [u][b]The Vortex[/b][/u]: [b]Fastest charge rate[/b]! (with Accelerated Coils) Twice as fast as Praetorian's Foil or the new Omolon fusion rifles. [b]Largest battery size[/b]! (8 shots) Two Master Blaster ribbons per battery, and then some! [b]Worthy impact[/b]! (consistent 1-shot kills) Vortex: 215 dmg vs Omolon Thesan FR4: 230 dmg [b]Awesome perks[/b]! (random in reputation package drop) This version has Battle Runner and Eye of the Storm, fast sprinting and more accuracy! Fusion rifles are coming back in Year 2. Let me know if you've tried this guy out! Also let me know if you've found something better! (I didn't have accelerated coils in the vid, but will be purchasing the one that does from Lakshmi-2 soon) EDIT 1: [b]This vid was me trying the gun out for the first time[/b]. EDIT 2: [b]This gun is a Future War Cult weapon, you buy it from Lakshmi-2 or receive it in reputation packages[/b]. EDIT 3: [b]THIS GUN WAS NERFED TO SHIT, NEVERMIND! -blam!- FUSION RIFLES! -blam!- ME![/b]

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