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Trials of Osiris faction

Yes, make it so!


Yes, but forget that bounty part


No, just keep it as is


Trials of Osiris is indeed a great event in Destiny but for reasons different from raids, it's rewards are limited to a few (me myself excluded). Plus, I've been thinking the Reef's been looking a lot like a desert these days since the release of The Taken King and the old armours and weapons have become quite useless since. So, here comes the suggestion: Make Trials of Osiris a new faction in Destiny. They already have a full set of [url=]weapons[/url], [url=]armours[/url], shaders and emblems just like all other factions but harder to obtain. I think it's too limiting to have factions only on the Tower; having one on the Reef would add to diversity. With a difference: whenever you reach a new level of reputation, you will receive a special crucible bounty that you'll have to complete to receive the new level bonus package from Brother Vance. How about it? Please, vote (up, I hope :)

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