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Remember a year ago when Bladedancers were OP?

Bladedancers were the bane of the crucible in fall of 2014. Invisible, damage reduction, fast, and instant killing. Till people figured out Felwinter's Lie and Fist of Panic. People found the counter. Most of the time it was a powerful shotgun with 1 or 2 shots would stop a bladedancer. Bladerdancers and Sunbreakers are the same thing. You are just seeing more sunbreakers because they are new. There are plenty of counters to the Sunbreaker. Its just going to be a while before people settle on the best. 1. Hammer of Sol is broadcasts itself clearly- consider running. That titan is going to be aggressive, out run them or hide and then ambush them when it wears off. 2. Nova Bomb or Fist of Havoc-Yeah, they will just get killed out right with these cancelling supers 3. Shadowshot- Silence them, this turns off all supers 4. Rockets are the answer to everything. 5. SNIPERS- If shotguns are the answer to the bladedancer snipers are the answer to a HoS. Hammers fall quick and are only useful up to medium range. If you are killed at long range by a hammer... they got lucky or you didn't move. 6. Good old group fire. All these tactics except snipers will work well on a Sunbreaker, just switch sniper with shotgun and they work well on Bladedancers too. EDIT: Bladedancers were barely touched in the year they have been out. and when the most significant nerf happened it wasn't to the class or the super it was to a jump ability that is used by 2 classes. Bladedancers still have a great super for PVP and just like Sunbreakers are average in end game PVE. The damage reduction of the bladedancer is more than enough that if you don't have a high impact shotgun, super, or heavy, they are going to kill you. Guess what 3 things also take out a sunbreaker? in a super? EDIT 2: Note there is legendary armor that boosts defense even more when using a solar sub class. If a Titan (who already has the most armor in the game) stacked Solar Sub-Class armor + Highest Defense Rating + Armor Buff when using HoS (which is a % of total armor). YES a Titan can become a super tank. That doesn't mean its broken it means that player has a better build than yours. EDIT 3: [url][/url]- High Impact snipers require 1 Crit+ extra to drop a SunBreaker in super. However Sunsingers regularly take a shotgun to the face and live [url][/url]. Also lets not forget that group fire is no match for a blade dancer [url][/url] [u][b]EDIT 4: Sunbreakers can barely survive a single Golden Gun Shot[/b][/u] [url][/url] Time to Buff GG in PVP. HOWEVER we do not know what armor this Sunbreaker is wearing. There is armor that buffs solar sub classes and/or reduces solar damage.

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