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Faction Leaders Don't Speak in TTK!!! (Video)

PS4 - Faction Leaders Talk


PS4 - Faction Leaders Don't Talk


Other system - Faction Leaders Talk


Other system - Faction Leaders Don't Talk


[u][b]If you're voting that faction leaders still talk in TTK, post video evidence! (I've posted my own evidence!)[/b][/u] EDIT 1: Nearly 150 votes and about 20% seem to see this issue. Double check in game before voting! EDIT 2: For me personally, all faction leaders JUST started talking to me a couple hours after starting this post! Is Bungie watching? ------------ [b]WHERE DID OUR FACTION LEADERS' DIALOGUE GO?[/b] There have been a couple threads in the forums regarding Dead Orbit's leader Arach Jalaal no longer talking to you when you approach him in the tower on PS4. However, this problem is for all faction leaders, (New Monarchy's Executor Hideo and Future War Cult's Lakshmi-2). There have also been reports of sound glitches in the Tower, from upgrade sound effects to all sound just cutting out. However, this thread is not in reference to sound effects disappearing, this thread is solely about the absence of dialogue from the faction leaders. Where has this dialogue gone? This issue truly is an absence of dialogue, because their mouths will never move like they had in the past. Every NPC that speaks will have both audible dialogue and corresponding lip sync. Findings since TTK drop (on PS4): 1) Faction leaders for Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult DO NOT talk to you in the Tower 2) Faction leaders' mouths do not move (all dialogue in the Tower will have a corresponding lip sync), so this is NOT an audio glitch 3) Civilians chilling out near the faction leaders DO talk to you (with corresponding lip sync) 4) Patrol missions on all planets still use faction leader dialogue 5) Patrol missions on the Dreadnaught only use Cayde-6 dialogue, even if the patrol is for a specific faction Question: Can you get the faction leaders to talk to you in the Tower and if so, which system? Post a video!

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