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These protocols are special orders given to be efficiently executed & to be followed accordingly. Your response is to be "Yes sir" or "Yes mam" These orders will be received by either one of the Leaders whether it's the Legacy Holder, Grand Moff, or the Commander. Most likely they would be passes down by the division commander then down the chain of command. Order: 17 This is 3 step process, step 1 will be to receive a message of the recipient who's being executed & the code word for step 2 to begin the execution normally to be received before a meeting, step 2 will be to assemble an execution formation. "Execute Order: 17" will be the code word said & the recipient will be executed. Order: 24 The immediate response & deployment of all active personnel to battle regardless. Order: 28 Immediate apprehension of an officer(s).This is executed when an officer(s) have committed mutiny. Order: 34 Stating to temporarily seize recruitment until the order is lifted. Order: 42 Recall back to base immediately. Order: 47 Members must maintain radio silence when this order is executed. Order: 51 When executed Operation 'Last Resort' is initiated. Order: 66 Stating that every blacklisted member, enemy, & anyone helping them are to be shot on sight regardless. This is strictly enforced. Order: 69 *Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp* ;) Order: 72 Executive order of martial law directly under the command of Iceman V4LOR. This only occurs if the Command structure has failed its role & after the failure of Order 51.

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