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Raid Matchmaking Argument: My Simple Solution

@cozmo, @Deej I agree, Raids require coordination to be successful and I understand that Bungie has said a number of times they want raids to require teams to assemble and plan specifically for the encounter. But seriously, why not appeal to both sides of the raid matchmaking argument? But according to nearly every review, raid matchmaking is still strongly desired and long overdue. In short, Bungie could solve this gripe by giving me the option to decide if I want to enter into matchmaking for a raid (same could be said for nightfall, heroics etc.), or if I want to go in with only those I bring with me. Create a checkbox on the orbit screen that says [i]"Fill the empty spots in my raid group via matchmaking"[/i]. This could be the same as how one decides on the difficulty level of various missions, strikes etc. "Allow Matchmaking: Yes / No" For those that don't want to have matchmaking, want to solo a raid or go in with <6, just simply uncheck it. It could literally be as simple as that. Everybody's gets what they want..

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