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Изменено (PsychoSpurious): 9/22/2015 1:08:23 AM

[Xbox 360] New Casual Clan - Apocalyptic Carnage

Hello guardians! Apocalyptic Carnage is a brand new clan (that needs a little patience and assistance in getting on it's feet) for casual, Xbox 360 players. Making friends, sharing humor, and discovering new methods to the madness of Destiny is what you'll find in this clan. This group is more easygoing, however, we search for players that hope to progress in their travels and experience as guardians. In this clan, enjoying the journey is more important than competing for first. It's more than understandable if you play sporadically due to more important commitments, such as a job, etc, that's the best part about casual gaming! We complete any raid, mission, etc. This group serves as a support system, full of valuable knowledge and members willing to help other teammates. A mic and expansions are optional. Thanks for taking a look at this forum!

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