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9/21/2015 2:26:33 PM

New gym idea.





Whats a gym?


So i'm currently sat at my desk at work and I can see out the window that its pissing it down with rain outside, my gym buddy has hurt his shoulder so won't be in the gym all week. Right now I'm thinking "can I really be assed getting soaked walking to the gym and then home".. Or do I want to blow off the gym and go home to squeeze in an hour of uninterrupted destiny to hit 290+ light (so I can play the raid) before my girlfriend finishes work .. I think we all know the answer there. But then I got thinking... What if you could somehow combine a gym with a game like destiny... What if you wanted to stay in the gym for extra hours grinding out all the boring exercises so you could level up and be a high enough level to smash a 100kg bench press. You could take "consumables" to boost your xp (pre-workout) and "cool-down" time (protein shake). When you reach a new personal best deadlift a massive "level up" appeared in front of you and you get a load of sweet loot (consumables and new armour (underarmour)). What if certain lifts granted exclusive gear for example "200kg squat"/"100km cycle" tshirts. Sure there are lots of self tracking apps and the likes of but they all require self input which is no fun. If such a gym was a reality I would be a beast and I'm sure many others on here would be too. Someone please make this happen. What do you lot think of this idea?

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