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Изменено (The_Good_Morty): 9/24/2015 4:28:15 PM

Do YOU want ALL your Y1 Exotics brought up to Y2 damage?



No (explain why)


Simple question. DeeJ said in an interview that he doesn't want us to look at our favorite weapon and consider it obsolete. I look at my Ballerhorn, Thorn, Dragon's Breath and...they're obsolete. Just a poll to see where the community stands. Bump so Cozmo can see. Edit: Woke up to a billion notifications. Thanks for all the feedback. But you guys that say "Oh, well no because gjally never left my heavy slot." That's your own fault. There were plenty of decent heavies in Year One. You guys were too chickenshit to try them. Thunderlord and Dragon's Breath, in many cases, can do just as much damage as Gjally can, if not more. Especially post 2.0. And I don't care if Gjally stays in my inventory for the next ten years, I have a story with a weapon I love. Edit 2: Seeing a lot of people being open to the idea, but leaving Gjallarhorn behind. In all honesty, I'm completely fine with this. Gjallarhorn is an amazing weapon, but it's lethality was ridiculous. As long as I can have all my other exotic weapons and armor, I'll be fine. Keep bumping and commenting! We've been trending for a while! Get Cozmo to see and comment on this!

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