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9/19/2015 9:23:20 PM

Character Building - Talk About Your Guardians

Seriously, I know I can't be the only one out there that's put a name and a "face" to my Guardians. Possibly? I know Bungie kept the personality of the Guardian absolutely minimal, but sometimes that's where really good stuff comes in. Stuff made by the community. So, I wanna get to know some of the Guardians out there I might run into. Seriously, if all you've got is a name and their favorite subclass, weapon, armor, relic, quest, drop it here. I may not be able to meet each and every one of the Guardians personally, but it's still something interesting to read. I'll put mine here under a spoiler to start. (Promise it's all SFW.) [spoiler][u]Taurus-28, Male Exo Titan.[/u] Been running him since the beta so I've got the most on him. Usually runs with my friend's female Hunter (we joke they're married). Favorite subclass was Defender but Sunbreaker is coming up fast. Played him more as a defensive team-support Defender rather than a Striker primarily when running with a Fireteam made up of Hunters and Warlocks, specced Defender to make as many orbs as possible (bubble makes five, makes as many as possible with melee kills+Force Barrier) to feed other supers. Allied with New Monarchy since day one, first Exotic was the Ice Breaker, but favorite weapons are shotguns and fists. Guess he'd be considered a typical Titan, but his competitive skills suck. [u]Trinity-15, Male Exo Hunter.[/u] Only leveled up Bladedancer. Pretty much suspicious of everything to do with the Traveler, definitely the type to stay out after being rezzed until Ghost insists you trust it. Hates dealing with going to the Tower, Xur makes him uncomfortable and the Vanguard policies seem to demand too much without offering anything substantial. Doesn't like having questions go unanswered, but prefers looking for answers out in the wilderness. Definitely competitive in at least getting more kills but usually prefers running solo. Probably going to pledge allegiance to FWC but we'll see. [u]Sonya, Female Human Warlock.[/u] Super new, just made before TTK, so she's halfway through Voidwalker and ready to start Stormcaller soon. Going to Dead Orbit or FWC depending on where the Hunter goes (because I like being well-rounded like that).[/spoiler]

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