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Изменено (Sixclicks): 9/19/2015 2:35:03 AM

Solution to 3 Coins Farming

So based on Cozmo's reply to one of the other threads, they'll probably end up nerfing the drop rate with 3 Coins. However, the drop rate isn't the problem. Here is a simple solution I have thought up that hopefully they will take note of instead of just nerfing the drop rate: Make it so killing the same ultra multiple times reduces the chance except for in random playlists like strikes where you can't help who you get. That way people won't want to constantly checkpoint farm the same ultra. The drop rates are fine. The checkpoint farming of the same ultra over and over again is the problem. What do you think? Any suggestions of your own to prevent them from making 3 coins basically useless for people who don't checkpoint ultra farm? Edit: As two have already suggested, make it so it only works for strike bosses. This could work as well. Suggested by Rabid and LGquantum. Edit 2: another option would be to put a timer on it like heavy ammo synths so you couldn't keep using it. Suggested by Campbell3836

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