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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
7/30/2015 4:07:53 PM

Mask of the Third Man Destiny Theory.

If you haven't read the Last Word and Thorn Ghost Fragments, I would suggest reading them before this. As you are all aware of, Dredgen Yor is perceived as the killer and originally best friend of Jaren Ward. After Dredgen Yor created the Thorn and was possessed by it's darkness he killed Guardian after Guardian, legends to just simpleminded bandits who picked on the wrong person. In one of the last Thorn fragments, we heard a description from Jaren's friends depicting his death for the reader. [quote]A crack of gunfire split through the wood. Then more. Far off, but near enough to pump the blood. A familiar ring. "Last Word." Jaren's sidearm. His best friend. Then another. A single shot, an unmistakable echo calling through the night. Hushed, cutting. [b]One shot, dark and infernal. Followed by silence.[/b] We crouched low and quiet. Listening. Hoping. Jaren was gone. Off on his own. Maybe we were closer than we'd allowed ourselves to believe. [/quote] From this we can say that Jaren Ward was killed by Dredgen Yor, however this was never confirmed. If you read the description of "The Mask of the Third Man" [quote][b]It wasn't me.. It was the third man.[/b][/quote] Could this be Dredgen Yor's helmet? [b]"Who is the third man?"[/b] [quote][b][u.1:5.2] You will always be [REDACTED] to me. [u.2:5.5] If you cannot let that man go, you will forever taint his legacy. All the good I have ever done will be washed away in the fire of who I have become. [u.1:5.3] If you care, there is still some promise within you. [u.2:5.6] If I am being honest, I care only to give hope to the frightened, huddled masses so that when I come upon them they will have more to lose. Their pain will be greater. Their screams more pure. [u.1:5.4] You... [u.2:5.7] Nothing dies like hope. I cherish it. [u.1:5.5] You’re a monster. [u.2:5.8] Finally, you see the truth. [u.1:5.6] [REDACTED] is truly dead. [u.2:5.9] So I’ve said. Long live Dredgen Yor. [u.1:5.7] This is farewell, but you can only run from your sins so far. In the end, you will die alone.[/b][/quote] Dredgen Yor is the third man.

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