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9/14/2015 6:44:43 AM

[PS4] Tired of rude, immature, or elitist clans? Just new to Destiny? Welcome! Join the Inglorious Hazards!

Just putting the word out there that we're just another clan looking for some more members who need help or friends in Destiny. Try to do at least one (usually both) raids multiple times per week, weekly nightfall, PoE, etc. Very chill group of people all mostly 18-21+ with no stress or time constraints. Two or more people are usually always online as well (Mountain to Central to Eastern time zones but will work around others). Looking for more cool people to hang out with in parties or (mostly) the PS4 chats. No requirements for joining and we'd love to have you! The admins (half guys, half girls) are [b]very[/b] experienced in both raids (including Skolas) and all strikes and Crucible playlists so if you just want to hang or need help in those, we're down for anything. Also gearing up big time for The Taken King release. That in itself is pretty confusing overall so it's great to have a clan who will answer your questions and help each other navigate all of the new changes. We put people and trying to form relationships and helping each other above rage quitting or performing PERFECTLY in the Crucible, so if you're looking for a good clan experience then we might be what you need. Give us a try! All you have to do is click the link and become a member, no hassle needed. And if you want to go that extra step and just have a cool clan name on your in-game emblem, make us your main PS4 clan and it will be a done deal. Hope to see some of you guardians out there! - The Inglorious Hazards

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