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9/14/2015 10:34:41 PM

where are the long range maps in pvp?

yes, bring the maps back and in all modes


yes bring them back but in their own mode


no, real sniping scares me, and i hate vehicles


bungie, please read this. i have been asking around recenty in the comunity and i have come to the coclusion that the maps in crucible are all mid/ short range now, i remember in the vanilla game and even right when dlc1 came out that there were long range maps in crucible. but nobody has played on them since the game modes were removed. i really do not understand why, seeing as that they were already in the game, and that people who dislike them dont have to play them. i realize that updates must happen and that the game must advance but i wish with all my heart that we can still have some things stay the same, such as large halo feeling maps in crucible, after all, the people on x box still remember halos 1, 2, and 3, and how that was; with vehicles in pvp which added a whole new element to the game, as well as large maps where the shotgun and hand gun (hand cannon) werent the best weapons no mater were you were. please bring back skyshock, first light, and bastion. and if i just havent noticed combined arms available recently, somebody please call me out on this rant and provide evidence, thank you.

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