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9/12/2015 12:02:20 AM

Vault UI request

Love the new vault lay out. But I find myself stumbling thru it. I know it's new, but I feel that's the best time to report it. As its important that it flows right. Not just learning the quirks. To the point! I would love it if we could Cycle the sections with the bumpers and the pages with the triggers. (My buttons my be reversed, not relevant to the idea) That way we don't need to move the reticle over the arrows. Takes that tiny bit of time, adds up after so long...and loses our place as well. I may be hovering over a weapon I want to pick up but switch over to make sure there wasn't something else. And switch back to grab the original weapon. As it is now that's up to the arrow, scan weapons probably move over a few, go back to arrow, move back down to weapon. Where it could be hover over weapon, hit right, scan a few but you know about where to end looking to be back in place, hit left grab original weapon. Nice fluid movements. Tiny time save. Slight bit less frustrations after long nights of grinding ;) Please pass this along to the right people! Id love to see this a thing. Couldn't be too tough relatively! Thanks, -Me

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