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Gaming Monitor

Hello Guardians, So I'm re-doing my gaming setup since I'm getting a nice big desk for my room, which I would like to move my Xbox to. Now, I currently play on a 30" Samsung LCD TV. I've been contemplating whether I should make the switch to playing on monitors since there apparently is less response time and less input lag. Do you think there is a drastic difference in input lag between my 30" TV and a monitor? Also, if I were to get a monitor, it would be either the Benq 24" LED gaming monitor (which is what MLG and youtubers use, supposedly the best) or a LG 25" Ultrawide IPS LED monitor. Now I know Benq has the best response time of any monitor, but I just love how vivid and clear the IPS Ultrawide monitors look, so I might want to splurge on that. So is there a drastic difference in input lag between the 2 monitors? Does it defeat the purpose of playing on a monitor if I get the LG? Even though Destiny is not a "twitch" shooter, I play a lot of call of duty also, which would be be the main reason for getting a monitor. Thanks! Edit: Seems like most of you are saying the BenQ. Thanks for helping me out guys!

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