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A few questions about careers in the game industry

I want to have a career in the game industry preferably with bungie and I would like to end up in some sort of producer role but those all require prior producer experience so what is the best way to get prior producer experience. Also if I started a career with bungie in game design or engineering could I with enough experience in that job then get a producer job. I was thinking this might work because with that work experience plus a four year computer science degree through the naval academy or ROTC with 4 to possibly 20 years of being a naval officer help the management, people, and leadership skills for that part of producing. If I do take the twenty year route with the navy and during that time in my free time I made well twenty years worth of quality content how much would that help? Edit: also what if I made mods for already existing games. For example fallout 4 will support mods and so does skyrim so if I mad full expansions off of these while still programming entirely new mechanics would this also be viable?

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