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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Jasax1): 9/9/2015 8:49:13 PM

Not digging 2.0

My complaints so far: Roster and inventory are not where they have been on the pause menu for an entire year. Not game breaking, but annoying. The new menu screens should have been put on the right side before settings. Orbs have been nerfed. Glimmer farming gatekeeper and feeding supers on strikes are a thing of the past. Field scout is nothing like what it used to be. Nerfing all weapons and armor to eliminate power creep- gives false sense of forward progress. We basically took one step forward to take two steps backwards at the start of year 2. "Tiers" for stat boosts from armor means you're wasting stats unless you have a perfect roll. I have to listen to Eris Morn far more than I used to. (This is not a serious complaint) Shotguns are once again neutered in PVE. Class items are chosen based on stats now rather than appearance. Using OG cloaks will put you at a disadvantage. Same goes for my guardian edition ghost skin. If this is how they want to go, a vanity slot is almost necessary. Light level is just as restrictive as it used to be in what it allows you to equip and remain competitive. All in all, I feel like 2.0 is just an attempt to reset the grind and make us start over. I guess it truly is the end of the Destiny Beta. I'm trying to be optimistic that Taken King will fill in a lot of the gaps 2.0 left so far. Please feel free to correct me on misunderstandings in my post, but try to be constructive and promote actual conversation. :) TLDR: 2.0 resets a lot of what we worked for, eliminates our vanity slot in class items, and made some tweaks I and my clan mates don't care for.

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