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Изменено (Moudiz): 9/8/2015 1:21:13 AM

The Squadron of Light [SoL] All set-up and ready for new members PS4 - NOW OPEN, Mature (16+) Audiences only

[b]↓[/b] Navigate the clan using the links below [b]↓[/b] [b]---------------- [url=]Apply[/url] -------- [url=]Rules[/url] ---------------- [/b] Hello, I decided to start a clan for people who are just like me; want to have fun in destiny and/or don't have friends that play the game. I decided to name the clan The Squadron of Light and it's now open for members but to join you must first read the rules then apply to get accepted (links can be found above), but to join the clan you must e of a mature age (16+) and play destiny for fun [b]([u]Ex :[/u][/b]Don't rage quit on a wipe out or game loss in the Crucible[b])[/b]. In this clan I am looking forward to play with my clanmates and have fun doing whatever Destiny has to offer, hope to see you sometimes soon! [b][u]Note :[/u][/b] Make sure that you have sent a request to join the group before/after applying.

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