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9/6/2015 12:51:39 AM

TIL that Bungie are a bunch of immature pricks

Let's talk about the time Bungie [i]stole[/i] shares of the company from one of its owners just because "he's a big meanie" or whatever. Source: I love this quote in particular: [quote]Ryan and other Bungie management felt that [Marty's] conduct “hurt the Bungie team, hurt the game, drove a negative online discussion, and violated Ryan’s instructions.” [/quote] Guess what, morons? [i]Your[/i] conduct did all of those things a thousand times over, except for that last part of course, because Ryan is the one that led the charge to slaughter in the first place. He should be fired at the first available opportunity. I know my tone is incendiary, but I don't think Bungie deserves any leeway for childish behavior like this. They stole someone's property. There is no justifiable reason for that. The article also reveals that they're withholding Marty's album basically for no other reason than to spite him, which is childish as well. Come on, Bungie. Get it together.

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