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Изменено (Sonow Raevius): 9/4/2015 2:00:35 AM

Question about blueprints.

This goes out to the dev or community manager, but I have been curious about the blueprints for a while now. Now, I see that we could easily get weapons from year one that earned and any year 2 version that may be available What I am wondering is are we going to specifically need the weapon or armor in our inventory or will it be based off some sort of record? I could see weapons working out because you could just read our grimoire and see that, but what about armors? I saw they were coming next week so just wanted to get all the finer details sorted out. Edit: I wasn't being clear. For a better example, I had voidfange vestments at one point in time. Will I have the ability to purchase them, or the new version if there is one, when 2.0 update hits or will I have to re-aquire them after the patch hits. Edit 2: Thanks to JonJtran he found the answer I was looking for. I greatly appreciate any other help however.

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