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9/2/2015 1:12:32 AM

Great Exotic Idea

So i was thinking about exotic guns and their perks. We have exotics that are best in class (mida), damage perks (thorn), rewards for killing (red death), etc. but the one thing we don't have is a "smart gun". By this I mean a weapon that changes drastically based on you. The closest we have to this are Queenbreaker's Bow (combat/ marksman scopes) and Suros (focused fire). Now here is my idea for a "smart exotic": Surrogate Modulation Change is inevitable. Accept it and enbrace it This gun is a high rof, low range, low impact auto rifle developed by a new manufacturer, Optimos (Only The Best). It looks like a steampunk Truth but with a shiny brass color. Exotic perk- Distance compensator: A prototype stimulant/ feedback scope compensates for range between you and a future corps. What it does- The exotic perk causes the scope to highlight the enemy you are aiming at with yellow, turning to red the farther you get from it. When the enemy is very close it highlights them with a bright yellow and fires at its normal stats. The more red the highlight gets, the slower the gun fires but it has more impact and range. It gets most yellow at about average shotgun range. There it is similar to Similar's Wrath. At its farthest range (about optimal fusion rifle range), the highlight is dark red and is similar to Suros with focused fire. Close> Far High Rof> Low Rof Low Impact> High Impact High Stability> Low Stability Low Range> High Range High mag (about 50)> Low mag (25) So how do you like my idea?

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