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Изменено (deeke): 8/31/2015 6:45:36 PM

You'll have to gamble with Xur to get the Three Coins exotic buff consumable

Bungie's Luke Smith said the following during an IGN PAX 2015 panel:[b] "What Xur has on him is an item that lets you basically gamble the chance to find an exotic on the next boss you kill."[/b] [b]"Now Xur has new mechanic that we're not talking too much about yet, but it's a new way for you to sort of gamble and get exotics out in the world. We're pretty excited about this."[/b] We already knew that the Three Coins consumable would buff exotic drop rates in The Taken King, and that Xur would sell them for Strange Coins, but we didn't know that the whole thing would be a gamble. So there's a chance you won't get anything when you go to buy the consumable. This will balance things out. What do you guys think? Is this a good thing, and are you excited about the chance to gamble away Strange Coins to find something amazing? How many of you will gamble your coins?

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