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8/14/2015 10:39:47 PM

Why is the Warlock the "Tank Class" instead of the Titans? The Ram is too powerful

At the beginning of every Guardians journey, they make a choice. Do I want to play as the agile hunter? How about the as the strong Titan? Or maybe as the magical Warlock? These are how the classes are displayed to new players. The Titan is decked out in full armor, Warlock in full cloth, and the Hunter in a bit of both. This is the ideal setup. In reality, the strongest class in the game is a Warlock with the Ram equipped. For players that want to play close and personal, Titan is no longer the best option. In addition, the Ram renders many other ability's useless. Reasons to play Titan for aggressive play: -Shoulder Charge -Fist of Havoc Reasons to play Warlock for aggressive play (with the Ram) -Ranged Melee -Can tank sticky grenades -Blink ability -Reduced ability to be one shot by shotguns -Melee ability gives shields or burns -Can survive 2 body shots from low impact snipers In short, why is this exotic for warlocks but not for titans and why is it so powerful? Bungi plz fix

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