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Изменено (JPD): 8/27/2015 4:51:20 PM

Some people need to own up This can't be right. I've played with lots of squeakers before in crucible, who are 9-10, and are on the forums. Here though, out of almost 1,500 players, only 18 are 0-12? That's definitely wrong... But why? Because of some other people here. If someone here like my brother decided to own up to being 12, he would be swarmed with players sending him rude messages and all that. In that poll, at least a quarter of them would be 10-12, but all because people make fun of their voices, kick them from teams, hate on them, and the last but most obvious reason, the name "squeaker". Because of that, they won't admit their age. We know and they know that they are INCREDIBLY frustrating to play with, they T-Bag you, rage, scream out their rewards even though no-one cares, and are underage, but that doesn't mean you kick them with a hate message, you simply tell people that you are an adult/teenager/thrall group, and they should leave you alone. If they don't just kick them, but don't hate. Well done, those 18 people that are actually honest, and aren't afraid. Edit: Apparently we've attracted some younger guardians willing to admit!

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