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8/27/2015 3:50:11 AM


just willing to help those who dont have friends. 1. im only adding users once they have their reward im deleting them to make room 2. if you need all 3 guardians ask and if we dont have alot of people then u may. 3. come back to the forum / leave a comment if u got a good reward. 4. check out my channel : Support Sub / if not then leave a comment on how i helped you. 5. Are you Ready / send me request's at 1pm! and ill be waiting! till then ill be streaming!! LINKS BELOW!! PSN: VelzYT Streaming Day/Night Schedules* Wednesday - Friday - Sunday Eastern 9pm -11:00 \1hr break/ 1:00pm-4am For Special Request time. Msg me on PSN: VelzYT TWITCH: STREAMING RIGHT NOW!

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