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8/22/2015 5:25:51 AM

Rules and Stuff

Hey so if you're reading this, welcome to the group! This group is all about having fun, but being competitive too! I'm a pretty casual gamer myself and I think the most important thing to remember is that this IS in fact a game. We want everyone to enjoy being apart of this awesome experience Bungie's created and to feel comfortable being their terrible selves! So as far as actual rules go... I mean follow the Code of Conduct rules that are already in place, which basically summed up would amount to just a couple simple words: [b]Don't be a dick.[/b] As we get to know each other and go through various weekly strikes and monotonous patrols, we'll get a feel for who the other people are and how we can make fun of them. And that will be great! I;m a pretty sarcastic guy as I'm sure a lot of you are too, so as long as we all can take a joke and just learn to roll with the thrown punches we should be in for a good time! If you have any complaints ever about a particular person, we can always take care of that when they happen, and I'm sure we can figure out some way to fix the problem. Other than that I really don't know what to say... Again, welcome to the clan, Gents and potential Lady Gents!

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