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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (SnakeMessiah): 8/16/2015 6:55:14 PM


As many raids as us guardians do, we will always have fun and remember those who have made them possible. We can all admit (at least the slightest bit) activities can be repetitive, and I think all of us are ready for something new. Don't think I'm not satisfied with Bungie's content. The expansions that Bungie dedicates their time to, are truly phenomenal. We will play past, present, and future content and we will always enjoy Destiny. I have a possibly new suggestion that could potentially change replayablity. This idea I have is a replacement for a raid. (would be in future DLC) This new destination would be held on a new planet/small moon and guardians would be fighting till the last man standing. (Party chat would be disabled, or the game would recommend game chat) This experience would be similar to the movie "The Hunger Games". This idea would not fit well in the story, so it would have to be a competitive crucible destination. (not just a new crucible gamemode) The new destination would include the following: -point system -large world w/ more horizontal environment -specifically designed maps -16 to 64 unarmed guardians -circular array of pillars to host guardians facing centerpiece of chests (when all guardians spawn) -inventory would be temporarily clear during match (except class type gear, shaders, ships, ghost shells, emblems, class skill trees, and emotes) -random chest locations preset with temporary loot (uncommon-legendary type gear & weapons) -gear found would only have perks that would only increase strength, discipline, and amount of ammo carried -structures to hide within -cover from attack -guardians would start with the default armor given at the beginning of the campaign The new destination would not include the following: -vehicles -supers -exotic gear and weapons -engrams -the fallen, hive, vex, cabal, and any other AI This concludes my idea, and there is probably more to be added and restricted. Sorry, not to good with composing a suggestion. Thanks Bungie for a great game and thanks for listening.

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