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8/15/2015 5:13:30 PM

Snow Planet for Destiny

A snow planet should be added to destiny We have Venus, Mars, Moon, Reef, And earth But no snow planet? I'll explain how a snow planet would work and be beneficial: Now how it could be added is in a DLC or just added in a update in general The planet would be similar to Hoth (star wars nerd here) But not exactly like it The planet can have a day and night cycle and like Venus Can have a changing weather cycle For example, There can be a blizzard or a light snow storm every once and a while Now the enemies, Well... That's a difficult subject but I think I have the right idea The Hive have been on that planet creating new forms of thralls and other hive abominations that have adapted to the cold conditions Similar to the moon there can be underground ice caverns like the Hellmouth that the hive would reside in Now another enemy could be the cabal Legionaries and psions can be outfitted with a white colored version of their normal armor so they can be camouflaged Outposts would be stationed on the map where they would reside Another idea is a special weapon, A new exotic It can be called "The Cold Shoulder" It can be a hand cannon similar to thorn because it freezes cabal, hive, vex, etc... For a few seconds and you can either melee them and shatter them or you can shoot them again to shatter them Which can add a new mission for a beacon where if you have "The Cold Shoulder" you have to freeze them and then shatter them with your melee I know the concern for "space and graphical problems" But this can be solved easily During a blizzard it would cause a lot of stress on the console due to size and graphic abilities That's why for older generation consoles such as the PS3 (what I use) and the Xbox 360 During the blizzard the map will load in small chunks The snow can cause a fog like effect in which it can turn down the render distance for the planet and make it load smoother and not put too much stress on the consoles As for missions, We need to look at the Awoken The queen said that she would call on you whoever she needed and expects you to be there So she can have you complete a small campaign of missions and objectives for the planet The planet would be beneficial because it can add a new chapter to the destiny story and can add new armor, weapons, and maybe some new enemies I know it would be hard to do all of this but Bungie I have been one of your biggest fans since the beginning The first game I ever played in my life was Halo:Combat Evolved at age 3 1/2 And ever since then I have always played every game you guys make Destiny is a great game and it has a ton of potential and I know how amazing you guys can be I know how you listen to the community and give them what they ask for So please? I know it seems like a lot but it would be awesome Can you add a snow planet? I don't mean like Pluto where it is all Ice but like Hoth from starwars It would be really nice Also, Keep up the great work :) Destiny is doing amazing and I love it! You guys really outdid yourselves with this I can't put down my controller because of how fun it is :D

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