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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (FlutterYuu): 8/15/2015 9:07:06 AM

To Those Who Pre-ordered Vanilla Destiny

I am going to pre-order again


I am going to buy Day 1


I am waiting for reviews


I am not buying The Taken King


Personally I pre-ordered Destiny, the Digital Guardian Edition. I still remember how it was not the game that Bungie had said it was going to be. I still remember how upset we all were. But now I'm speaking to those who had pre-ordered Vanilla Destiny, are you going to pre-order again? Why? I really want to know. Personally I will be waiting for reviews. I'm excited just like everyone else but I just don't want to be burned by bungie again. Until I see game play and reviews I will be putting my money on hold. So as someone who Pre-ordered Vanilla Destiny, are you going to pre-order The Taken King? And Why? Edit 1: seems like a lot of people are pre-ordering again. I'm a bit shocked. To think people can still whole heartedly still trust Bungie. Even after they screwed Vanilla Destiny players over. That's one dedicated fan base. A lot of people quit over the year, so this isn't an accurate representation of Destiny players but somehow it is at the same time. I really hope TTK is what Bungie says it is, we'll just have to wait. Please continue to comment and vote.

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