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A call to Arms!

[clan page] [Website] Guardians! I come to you now with a question, do you intend to protect the Light from the threats of not just the Darkness but also the threats that lie within the Light? Can you if the need arises turn your strength on the powers of the city? If you answered no to either one of theses question you are dismissed. For those of you who still stand before me I would like to offer you a chance to become something more than what you are, to inherit the title of both a Daring Vanguard and a Dutiful Steward. I'm sure you have heard of Ikora Rey's Hidden, no? Well we are much the same though instead of infiltrating the Darkness we serve as defense against the shadows that lie in the Light itself. We are The Hidden Lotus Order! Forged in the fires of the Faction wars, we were founded by the remnants of the Guardians that brought order back to the city. And though our brother and sisterhood may be a shadow of it's former might, we non the less stand at the ready to protect the balance of the city! Join the order and you too could become a Valiant Knight and Unyielding Retainer for the Light. Join The Hidden Lotus Order! For where there is a storm we shall quell it, and where there is thunder we shall ride!

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