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8/11/2015 10:42:01 PM

Team Kill International (TKi) New XB1 PvP Clan

I am looking for people who are interested in the PvP/Competitive aspect of Destiny. Team Kill International (TKi) is a PvP based clan that I am hoping will grow to everyone's liking in it. Just because we are PvP based does not mean that the clan wont be down for doing raids, strikes, or bounties, we already run VoG/Crota/PoE three times a week if not more helping others out. I am hoping to carry this group over to Halo 5 as well with Gears of War. Tere are three requirements and that's what you would mainly expect to see for a PvP/Competitive clan. Have at least a .95 Kill/Death Ratio in a game type, be seventeen years or older, and be decent in PvP (call outs, gun skill, tactics, etc..) We are a joking group and enjoy having all of our fun and helping others out, but when it is time to get down and dirty, we do not hold back. Everyone in the group thus far has been Flawless in Trials, and every weekend makes another mark on their flawless wins. We are all team players and just enjoy the game with each other. If this seems like something you are interested in, please give us a look and of course ask me or the other two admins any questions you have. My GT - TRoHiit Admin GT - TrueEzio Admin GT - LT TnT The only "test" that we do is just a quick look on your player to see if your Kill/Death is at least a .95 and of course ask if you are atleast 17 years old. The reason we require the age of seventeen is because we do cuss, and have some conversations at times that we don't wish younger players to hear. We keep it respectful for the players age. Thanks for the read if you made it!

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