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впервые опубликовано в: A Logical Look at Why TTK is Overpriced
8/11/2015 5:39:25 PM
A logical understanding of how game prices work: When each Gears of War game came out, I spent $50 to get each one. That's 3x$50=$150. $200 if you bought Judgment Day or whatever. When my old college roommate got his first Xbox I bought him the 3 game bundle for $40... Did I feel cheated? No. Common sense says if you wait and buy the bundle you'll pay less and get more. That's how games have always worked. That's how it's been in my decade and a half of playing Xbox. Overpriced is a relative concept, so your logical path is filled with fallacies based on your own personal view. At over 1000 hours played and $95 spent (before I bought an Xbox and Destiny for my fiancé) that equates to under a dime per hour of entertainment/fun. Common argument? "It's 1000 hours of the same content"; congratulations, you've discovered the concept of "replay value". I play with family and friends around the world, for under a dime. Try going to a movie or dinner for a dime. If you have 500-2000 hours and complain, you're a moron. No one is forcing to you play or to buy the game. If you have that many hours the assumption is that you are getting your money's worth. If you weren't having fun, why would you play for hundreds of more hours? If you don't have that many hours quit if you feel cheated. Most people who have grown up and understand a little about the world, have realized that this is a super cheap investment when compared to time spent. In other words, you get more bang for your buck than just about anything else... But sure, let's whine about it bring overpriced when people who understand the above and enjoy the game have already bought it because they have fun. I'm sure a company whose goal is making money will lower the price for a handful of whiners.

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