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8/11/2015 1:35:15 AM

Accidently Deleted gear...

so I was deleting my Warlock to make her a Awoken instead of having ALL my charactors as humans, and apparently I still had my exotic arms, and helmet, along with my Crota ship, and my Timebreaker and a few other things I really don't care bout, and while delting there was NO prompt about checking to make sure my gear was safe or there ANY way I can get this stuff back without hundreds of hours of grinding or waiting 8 weeks for Xur to sell them again? the arms were claws of ahamkara and the Helmet was the Ram one, the Crota's End ship and the time breaker. the other stuff I don't care about, even if there was like coins and motes idc. but can I at least get the above back? and can I ask why there isn't any prompts about deleting charactors? no "You appear to have an exotic item on this character, are you sure you with to delete it?" or something, I thought I had put them into my vault Via the destiny app but apparently not. please help me out Bungie, loved you since the beginning!

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