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Изменено (MuffinManIl): 8/8/2015 1:50:09 AM

Recommendation for the taken king

This a great idea


This is a pretty cool idea


im no fun and want another loot cave


Alright so I was reading some of the news and concept art on the Taken King and noticed where the guardian is looking out at the rings of Saturn and thought hey...why not let us jump on the rings of Saturn? Like make it a jumping puzzle where if you get to the end you got an exotic chest. However, during the jump you got some space trash and mini asteroids shooting and whizzing right by you. and if one of these things hit you, you get messed the -blam!- up. I'm talking new character getting hit by a scorch cannon messed up. Plus you would be racing against other players so you gotta look out for the toxic players that the destiny community is! let me know what you think about this **edit** wow, muted for such an awesome idea? I guess you guys enjoyed the loot cave **edit 2** scratch that, you guys have low characters and grimore...probably weren't around for the loot cave

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