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Изменено (Symphonies): 8/3/2015 6:55:40 AM

People who are in fandoms, and bash you for not liking the same stuff.

I cannot stand these kids who bash others and get pissed off when their favorite tv show/actor/movie series/book series (looking at you, harry potter) gets criticism.. I have this friend who I've known for like 3 years and she cannot fcking get over the fact that I am not into Harry Potter. She literally got pissed off at me just now to the point she was typing in all caps because I had a different opinion. Like, get over it.. I just hate it when people get all defensive/antsy when their favorite thing isn't someone else's favorite thing.. Good god. Sherlock Holmes fans, Doctor Who fans, Harry Potter fans, and Supernatural fans are the most like this it seems.. Update: she also tried to make hitler out to be a good person about half an hour later, proceeded to send me paragraphs in all caps until i started replying with "..." Only

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