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What is your favorite gun foundry? (ATM)

Suros (Suros Regime and etc.)


Crux/Lomar (Gjallarhorn, Truth, and etc)


Omolon (Hard Light and etc)


Tex Mechanica (The Last word and etc)


Cassoid (Invective and etc)


Häkke (Silvered Hushwind-D and etc)


Daito (Silvered Caracas-LR4)


So we really don't have to much info on the gun foundries however we do have the logos and a few of the guns. I've included the most known from each one and etc if they have more than one. Personally atm i think Häkke and Daito are pretty lame. My favorite is a tie between Suros and Crux/Lomar. Whats yours? Edit 1: also explain why it's your favorite. I'm curious to hear what you guys have to say. Edit 2: Just realized I'm missing a foundry. Nadir is not on the list however you can only have 7 in poll. Edit 3: If you know nothing about the foundries and want to learn more you should read this post [url][/url] this pretty much gets it spot on (as far as i can tell). I don't take credit for this in any way.

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