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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (PhoenixBolt96): 7/15/2015 4:41:30 AM

Do you still have 300 version weapons?

Yes (Comment which ones)


No, I deleted them


No, I never got any


No, I never played pre-Dark Below


This does not include VoG weapons, we can all get those. Do you have any Vanilla Weapons? I have a Devil You Know, Red Hand IX, Prestige IV and FINAL BOSS. My first legendary weapon was the FINAL BOSS so I'm gonna be keeping that as a trophy. Edit: I said no VoG weapons, anyone can obtain those. Your Fatebringer does not make me think you're a special snowflake Edit 2: Why is it so hard to understand "No VoG weapons"? Edit 3: Wow, 250 replies already! The popular ones seem to be the legendary Shadow Price, Swarm and Zombie Apocalypse Edit 4: I've got 3 of my old weapons on my Warlock, you can check them out if you want Edit 5: Holy shit, 626 replies! This is the most I've ever gotten! Edit 6: I did not expect to get to 806 replies, but here we are, thanks guys! Edit 7: We did it guys, we broke 1000! Thank you so much! Edit 8: Alright, somehow we got to 1368 replies, this is erotic Edit 9: I guess we're stopping at 1546 replies, did you guys all ascend your 300s off the bat? Edit 10: The thread has been revived and we're at 2,200 replies, I tip my fedora to this
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