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Are you a part of this group?



Yes but I'm about to lose hope.


Yes, but I'm taking a break for other games.




No, this game is awful.


No, I'm new to Destiny.


Ok question for everyone on here. Are you a part of sad, beaten down, disgruntled, angry, abused bunch of players that are only playing this game still because you hope that maybe one day that Destiny will actually live up to its amazing potential? Even if it means getting through one DLC at a time? Discussion is welcome! Edit 1: Also, if your answer is no, but you still enjoy the game just comment "other" Edit 2: keep this going guys! It's interesting to hear both negative and positive feed back. Please feel free to comment how you feel about the game and where it's headed. Talk about the strong and weak points of the game! Edit 3: For all of the negative feed back I see on the forums (myself included) players still seem to have hope or just flat out love the game. Like I said this is surprising considering the amount of negativity on here.

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